Memberships Available

Memberships Available

Memberships Available

If you're interested owning an airplane there is not a more economical way of doing this than an owner-owned flying club.


We have a total of three planes (Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Beech Bonanza). We are a non-profit, non-rental club whose only purpose is to provide aircraft ownership and flying in the most cost effective way possible in quality equipment.

We have ownership positions available in all three planes starting at 2500.00 for the 172. Stepping up a plane is only an additional 1000.00 each plane. All our planes are hangared and in the Winter pre-heated. Last year all three planes were flown very little. The 172 was 66 hours while the Bonanza was slightly over 100 hours.

The cost to fly our 172 is $120/hour wet (including fuel) and $70/month which covers the hangar, utils, and insurance (rates fluxuate with fuel prices so we can keep them as low as possible).

This is less expensive than renting and you have the benefits of ownership which include:

  • No minimal hours for multi-day trips.
  • You have your own keys and can go anytime you desire.
  • Fellow owners who care about and take care of the airplanes.
  • On-line scheduling - You can log in on the left with user guest using the password flyer Association with other pilots with varying degrees of experience and backgrounds.

Our rates are set so that we cover our costs, build an engine reserve, and over time build a bit of a fund so we can do more upgrades. If you're considering buying a plane, beyond your initial costs to purchase, ownership will cost you at least $1000.00/month and that's if you have no unexpected expenses/maintenance. We have an assigned maintenance officer so you will not have to worry about the headaches of maintenance. If something is wrong you simply contact the maintenance officer.

Contact us at (801) 910-7536 or and we'll be glad to meet you at the airport any time and show you our planes.