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    The information on this page is for use ONLY for Springville Flying Club's Bonanza. The information is not guaranteed to be accurate and is provided ONLY to help our pilots do their flight planning. All information MUST be verified by checking it against the information in the Club's Bonanza.

    Calculating weight & balance is a critical aspect of flight. If it is done incorrectly you could crash. We do not want that. Nor, do we want to be the cause of it. We have done our best at making sure this is correct but it may still contain errors or could contain errors in the future.

    A date is provided in the top right column to help you know if the form has changed since the last time you may have used it. If it has, be especially careful to check everything.


    This form should be functional but not tested, DO NOT USE FOR FLIGHT WITHOUT VERIFYING!

    Item Weight ARM Mom/100
    1. Basic Empty Condition

    Revision Date: 10/7/99

    Items in red need to be filled out. All other items are either pre-entered or calculated for you. Pressing the calculate buttons will figure values for all of the fields you have entered data for. You do not have to press each button next to the ARM to calculate moment. They are provided for convienence. The calculate buttons will also calculate ALL needed calculations above it.

    DO NOT use this form without rechecking all values and calculations.

    2. Front Seat Occupants
    (ARM 85-89)
    3. 3rd & 4th Seat Occupants
    (ARM 121-135)
    4. 5th & 6th Seat Occupants
    (ARM 154)
    5. Baggage
    (ARM 150)
    6. Cargo
    (ARM 108-145)
    Used only if seats are removed
    7. Sub total zero fuel
    8. Fuel Loading
    (ARM 75) Enter in Lbs. NOT gallons
    Gals Lbs
    9. Sub total Ramp
    10. Less fuel for start, taxi, & take-off
    Enter Lbs. fuel used, it will be subtracted
    Gals Lbs
    11. Sub total Take-Off Condition
    12. Less fuel to destination
    Enter Lbs. fuel used, it will be subtracted
    Gals Lbs
    13. Sub total Landing Condition

    Weight Condition Forward C.G. Limit Aft C.G Limit
    3400 LB. (Max TO & LDG) 82.1 84.4
    3000 LB. 78 85.7
    2900 LB. or Less 77 85.7

    No Very

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